OSCARS helps airports meet their present and futures challenges

« Thanks to Oracle tools, we are ready to make the next generation of airports come to life », proudly states Olivier Dubois, CEO of Oscars.

The development of the company’s main product - GIP, “the Geo Intelligent Platform” - is entirely based on Oracle products. The challenge that Oscars intends to take up is to improve the performance of airports, big or smalls: « nowadays, airports are crowded with a lot of ‘objects’ -,equipments, vehicles, technical staff… - that move around and are often difficult to monitor and trace. Enhancing the passenger experience, among others’, is a big priority for us », stresses Olivier Dubois.

The GIP platform tracks in real-time the position of vehicles and sends out notifications when specific events occur. Let’s take two examples. If a snow plough is on the runway when an aircraft is about to take off, a notification is sent to decision makers to entice them to quickly make a sound decision. In the same way, an alert is sent whenever a vehicle comes at close range of a truck carrying dangerous goods.

Such examples of potentially dangerous situations are legion. GIP, working as a centralized system, is able to collect all relevant pieces of information in order to avoid incidents and accidents. GIP can also be used to increase passengers' experience by better organizing their time in the airport while waiting for a flight.


Olivier Dubois: « Thanks to Oracle tools, we are ready to make the next generation of airports come to life. »


Airports are now reaching full capacity. It is therefore more important than ever to make use of an advanced infrastructure to combine and match all the data coming from aircraft, passengers, luggage, kerosene stocks and weather conditions, in order to optimize airport performances.

The airports’ next challenge is to have access to all the information they need in a single location, in a database-centered way, and to run and manage their operations at the data level.

GIP comes into play by leveraging its Big Data capabilities, combining all the data and exposing them in the form of dashboards that managers can use to make better decisions.

In its latest version, GIP is able of processing up to 800 million database rows to track vehicles and their movements.

The Airports of Paris (Aéroports de Paris) is Oscars’ biggest customer so far. The company’s ambition is to be recognized as a partner by all the big airports located within a wide radius around its home base (Andenne), in the Eastern part of Belgium. « Oracle technologies can greatly enhance their decision-based applications », states Olivier Dubois.

Discover Olivier Dubois' latest intervention at the Oracle headquarters in San Francisco: http://bit.ly/1RlwLm5


Oscars was founded in 2007. The company focusses on delivering decision-enhancing solutions for players in the aviation industry based on GIP, their leading product. Even if the company is still in its ramp-up (startup) phase, Oscars already enjoys a long and solid experience with Oracle products. It provides various types of services, mainly for aimed at public companies.