GIP4 People

Allows any business or user to take advantage of their geolocation to plan actions, trigger automatic notifications relevant to the real time circumstances.

Intelligent Environment Management System

city buildings

Streaming Temperature, Light, the chemical composition of the atmosphere – CO2, Radioactivity and many other types of environment equipment data can be analysed to dynamically manipulate available physical equipment to the improve human health, experiences and lifestyle – including dynamic traffic redirection, early warning terrorist threat capabilities, ensures real-time intelligence gathering to initiate  deterrent responses. An ideal platform for Governmental organisations and Companies providing solutions for Smart Homes, Smart Buildings – intelligent furniture, Smart Hotels, Smart Cities, Home security command centre monitoring including home sensor disruption indications, intrusion notifications and Enterprise Computer Data Centre Monitoring

Intelligent Digital Signage Management System

Digital social media

Introducing dynamic manipulation of ergonomically positioned visual electronic digital signage with custom, topical messaging to intensify human interest and actions based on position and appropriate demographics – providing compelling enticements to lure people into a venue or retail location, or showing a positive reflection of a product to increase interest. This Platform can also provide a solution to intelligently implement a real time custom digital marketing presence and interaction on moving buses, taxis and static billboards around the country, City or any fixed location, generating significantly more revenue