GIP4 Energy

Commercial and domestic smart grid demand response, customer outage management, effective mobile workforce monitoring, solar or wind digital solutions.

Traditional networks

Computer Programming

The platform goals are to facilitate commercial institutional and industrial organizations to use energy more intelligently, reduce costs, and increase cash flow that benefits the bottom line – The ability to detect event pattern fluctuations in streaming energy data from an unlimited collection of commercial event source venues (such as Hospitals, paper-mills, large manufacturing). Detecting devices / meters are employed to provide constant status information and will issue non-conforming curtailment alerts immediately from monitoring of transgressions over thresholds. For industry assets, there is the ability to establish streaming real-time communication infrastructure to improve operational efficiencies, enable demand response and monitoring of the organizations Fleet of Workforce vehicles – the result? A Platform to analyze and predict network faults at the right location, at the right time with the right workforce equipment

Wind & solar energy network innovation

Sustainable Energy

The power grid’s increased exposure to intermittent renewable projects like solar and wind, while clean, are NOT dispatchable, meaning you cannot push a button to make the sunshine or the wind blow.  This dynamic situation makes it harder to manage supply and demand.  Also, these projects require transmission and distribution infrastructure as well as “backup” power plants.  Our Platform provides the capabilities for real-time streaming management of a demand response solution that represents an ever-increasingly attractive option for innovative Energy Companies