Corporate Social Responsibility
Image by Daniel von Appen
  • Preference is given to car sharing for travel to and from the workplace. Whenever possible, public transport is used. Practical information is made available (closest hotel, means of transport indicated, help in booking etc.) via our internal wiki. 

  • Remote work is allowed as long as it does not interfere with production of the group. The largest possible number of computer resources within the group are accessible externally. 

  • We encourage all stakeholders on the same project to prefer off-site services, at least in the phase that allows it.Our consultants have an evaluation questionnaire for each task to determine its character; either on-site or in remote mode. Communication tools and video conferencing are recommended when organizing meetings, as are remote grip tools. 

Image by Sylvie Tittel
  • Waste is sorted into selective bins. Members of staff are encouraged to limit leftovers and other waste from meals. 

  • Use of reusable cups and mugs. 

  • Use of rechargeable batteries if needed. 

  • Use of non-critical obsolete documents as scrap paper. 

  • Staff is invited to limit printing to a minimum and to prefer recto-verso or multi-page printing. We limit the paper files to a minimum, and priority is given to Electronic Document Management. We prefer digital exchange of fax-type information. 

Sustainable Energy
  • Pooling of IT resources, use of necessary and strictly necessary IT equipment. 

  • Printers are set to default economic mode.

  • Lights switch off automatically; preference is given to energy-saving light bulbs. 

  • Use of IT and automated equipment with very low power consumption and auto power off features. 

Image by Medienstürmer
  • During COVID-19 crisis, all our employees started working remotely before lockdown, and continued far after unlocking down. We deeply thank our clients for trusting and supporting us in those remote COVID missions. We also provided our employee with home-made facemask through postal services. 

  • Employee have the opportunity to transform their annual bonuses into socially & environmentally conscious environment, such as charity donation, or (e-)bike rental

Image by Tim Marshall
Volunteering & Charitable giving
  • Computer equipment is reclassified as soon as possible with NPIs or other organizations in need. In May 2020, Emmabuntus received unused computers from OSCARS.

  • We help association & charities with our core competences. In 2020, we are helping Friendship association enhancing their reports with visuals on their impact on mangrove area change, using images from space, and quantifying the change through spatial analytics.

  • We participate to interoperability Open Source solution, such as Oracle Geo Raster support in QGIS.