GIP4 Logistics

Improves your vehicle and equipment fleet management by integrating and orchestration team and process streams.

GIP is a Logistic SaaS solution integrating any kind of real time complex sources of data (and data formats) to improve the supply chain Asset Flow, from warehousing to transportation, from static to in motion Assets, through a unique customized interface enabling:


  • Resource, Cost and Flow Analysis

  • Real time Planning management

  • Back-office integration

  • Business rules configuration

  • AI and geospatial based Pattern recognition

GIP is THE (supply chain optimization software) to provide the right information to the right person at the right time.

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Flow Optimization

Allocate your warehouse charging dock dynamically with GIP and maximize your occupation rate to a next level up.

GIP provides you with predictable indicators on your milestones and helps you navigate into your various logistical operations.


Plus, it also optimizes your vehicle & resource use, and helps you better manage your assets.

Urban Traffic

Intelligent Trafic Management System

Highly customizable Transportation (Traffic Management) System that provides a low cost, accurate, real-time analysis of Streaming and Historical Vehicle, Roadside, traffic Signals, information for both private and Public Transportation.


Integrated with Environmental and Weather sensor related data that will address congestion on both targeted highways and/or Regional/Country roadways, result in minimizing environmental pollution and enhance the point-to-point journey experiences.

Truck Fenders

A Solution Platform that provides a cost controlled, accurate and real-time continuous management of fleets of vehicles operated by a company, government, or other organisation.


Its capabilities will optimise all business operations as the vehicle transition through the various levels of usage and lifetime.


This solution will monitor costs, improve efficiency, monitor driver behaviour, and ensure accountability by generally guiding organizations to understand how their vehicles fit into their business operations.

Tail Light

Organization specific platform introducing customized capabilities for Vehicles and related Human interactions handling DTV (Device to Vehicle) and VTV (Vehicle to Vehicle).


Operations with a wide range of sensor-based active operation and fault recognition, encompassing engine component monitoring in an autonomous mode perspective.

Train Station

Intelligent Smart Railways System

Customizable platform for dynamically accessing Train, Carriage and Asset location-based relationships, providing scheduled, predicted, and actual arrival/departure times with intelligent Digital Signage, at passenger centric locations.


Features include accessing direct data feeds indicating positions, incline impedance including where available, track speed restrictions (sensors) to avoid “brakes on, speeding causing potential derailment” situations.


Also using an ability to collect data on the condition of wearing parts on every axle and undercarriage of a train to identify any evolving damage immediately. Resulting in overall network and equipment cost savings and resource optimizations


Intelligent Heavy-Load Transportation Management System

Unique Platform designed specifically for large trucks and vehicles generally utilized in the Oil & Gas, Mining Industries, for sensor-driven Real Time analysis of related fleets, by monitoring the general vehicle health status, providing instantaneous alerting on every available sensor-based element of the vehicle and its relevance to the entire operational aspects of the business.


Features also include Monitoring and Improving Driver Behavior, with Immediate recognition of bad driving practices, such as excessive idling, heavy braking.


Its value is to reduce costly maintenance by transitioning from scheduled to responsive/predictive and finally, Increasing Security and Safety, with Immediate determination of unauthorized vehicle activity, such as out-of-hours usage, transgressing unplanned locations, and importantly, Reducing Fuel Costs.

Container Ship

A Geo-Intelligent solution which dynamically and efficiently monitors shipping movement providing identification and shipping route manipulation, transparently integrating multiple available streaming data feeds from GPS, Radar, AIS data models.


Leveraging applicable sensors and historical trend data facilitating immediate statistical analysis which can leverage many environmental factors.


The solution provided standard and custom Map-based shipping lane visualizations and route patterns (actual and predicted). Important additional features include Real-time operational intelligence essential for meaningful collision avoidance and efficient vessel scheduling applications integrations. 


Resulting in a low-cost implementation with zero, port or canal network disruption.