Machine Learning & AI Consulting

OSCARS can help you in implementing Machine Learning in Artifical Intelligence in your organization, products, and processes.

Bring AI to Airports 

OSCARS has been awarded with a Space-Based Services for Smart Airport project by the European Agency. Next to space technologies, we have been using Artifical Intelligence to improve:

       On-time Performances

       Task forecast & delays

Bring AI to Geo

In 2020, OSCARS has been awarded with two projects to integrate Machine Learning & AI into geosolutions

Intello project

Integrate artificial intelligence solutions on Earth Observation images, through different use cases:

      Land cover & land use

       Material characterization

       Air quality predictions

AI4GIS project

In the context of the AI springboard of the Walloon region, we are collaborating to develop an interactive web platform integrating remote sensing, artificial intelligence and other GIS tools.